Each year around this time, we take a moment to reflect on the upcoming MLB Draft, its importance in ball players’ lives, and what’s coming for those lucky enough to be drafted.

This year we’ll:

  1. Chat about draft logistics (things are different this year)
  2. Reflect on the draft memories of…

Community used to be built around a common location: a village, a town hall, a bowling league, a workplace.

Now, it is increasingly an extension of a common interest: a dog lovers Facebook group, a Fantasy Football league, a subreddit dedicated to the Marvel Universe. …

For entrepreneurs, overconfidence is a necessary evil.

“Unlike many other countries around the world, this great nation we live in supports and does not stigmatize entrepreneurial risk-taking,” Jeff Bezos explained last week during his hearing before Congress.

Bezos continued, “I walked away from a steady job into a Seattle garage to found my startup, fully understanding that…


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