Each year around this time, we take a moment to reflect on the upcoming MLB Draft, its importance in ball players’ lives, and what’s coming for those lucky enough to be drafted.

This year we’ll:

  1. Chat about draft logistics (things are different this year)
  2. Reflect on the draft memories of some of our Pando poolers, and
  3. Talk about what happens post-draft, and how Pando can fit into a Major League career

1. The Draft

The 2021 MLB Draft won’t take place until the All-Star Break. It feels weird waiting this long to talk about the draft, but here we are…

Written by Marty Evans

When I was in the first grade, I wanted to get my single mom a Valentine’s Day gift. A kid in my neighborhood had a heart-shaped balloon that he would sell me for a dime, but the problem was that I had no money. I did, however, have two Starbursts on hand, and he accepted my offer for an exchange. His reaction showed me how much kids liked candy more than I did, and from this original barter transaction, I started my neighborhood candy business. This business became my first entrepreneurial venture, and grew to managing…

Written by Hanmei Wu

Mentorship is at the heart of my life.

In high school, I often felt directionless — I wasn’t sure what college I wanted to attend, what I would study, what I would do in my career. The college counselor at my high school was largely unavailable, and when we finally met, his advice was generic and not personalized (to be fair, he was also working with hundreds of other students), so I ended up reading online forums and asking my older friends for help. …

Written by Tyler Tolbert

It’s June 2019. I’m not even paying attention to the names being called in the MLB Draft. All of the sudden, my dad jumps up off the couch.

“You’ve been drafted by the Royals,” he said. “You’re going to Kansas City!”

I look up and see my name on the TV. That was it. That was one of the happiest, most surreal moments of my life — and I’m so glad it was my dad who broke the news.

As long as I can remember, baseball has been a family affair. My family lives and breathes…

Baseball player
Baseball player

The MLB returned for a shortened season this August. While this brought baseball back for some, many minor leaguers were left without a season.

The consequences of such a decision are not entirely known, yet the effects are starting to permeate the lives of hundreds of players. We took some time to piece together the implications at the player level.

The State of Baseball

To understand the severity of these players losing an entire season, a good place to start is taking a step back and getting an understanding of how minor league players are currently compensated.

Due to legislation passed by Congress in…

Community used to be built around a common location: a village, a town hall, a bowling league, a workplace.

Now, it is increasingly an extension of a common interest: a dog lovers Facebook group, a Fantasy Football league, a subreddit dedicated to the Marvel Universe. None of these depend on a physical location to exist.

Building off of this observation, Barry Wellman, a renowned sociologist who specializes in communities and social networks, explains that community could be described “as group-like neighborhoods and villages, but it is more useful to define community as networks of interpersonal ties that provide sociability, support…

Two people with identical skill sets and qualifications are likely to see wildly diverging outcomes in their earned income. Research has shown that this phenomenon, known as income volatility, has been one of the most profound side effects of the rise of the modern economy.

Investor and former CEO of AngelList Naval Ravikant reflected on the state of this winner-take-most economy:

“The depth [of the internet] creates a few huge winners and the breadth creates a large number of small winners…What’s missing is the traditionally fat middle. We’ve gone from a normally distributed set of outcomes to a power-law distribution…

For entrepreneurs, overconfidence is a necessary evil.

“Unlike many other countries around the world, this great nation we live in supports and does not stigmatize entrepreneurial risk-taking,” Jeff Bezos explained last week during his hearing before Congress.

Bezos continued, “I walked away from a steady job into a Seattle garage to found my startup, fully understanding that it might not work.”

This appeal to Amazon’s humble beginnings contributed to Bezos’ attempts to convince legislators that the company, now valued at over $1 trillion, is not a monopoly.

“Unlike many other countries around the world, this great nation we live in supports and does not stigmatize entrepreneurial risk-taking”

Pando’s Co-Founders Eric Lax and Charlie Olson
Pando’s Co-Founders Eric Lax and Charlie Olson

This week, we would like to announce that we have closed on $8 million+ in Series A funding. The round was led by Core Innovation Capital and included participation from Pear VC, Avalon Ventures, Ulu Ventures, Nimble Ventures, Stanford StartX Fund, WTI and Slow VC. Proceeds from the financing are being used to build on our success in serving professional athletes and deepening our offerings for entrepreneurs, MBA students and business professionals. Proceeds from the financing will be used to build on our success in serving professional assets and deepening our offerings for entrepreneurs, MBA students and business professionals.


It’s been a little over a month since we rolled out our initial steps to help provide relief to our baseball clients. By extending ~$25,000 to our Pando Players, we hoped to ease their financial burdens at least a little. We also provided our clients with a list of resources highlighting other organizations committed to support minor league baseball players during this difficult time.

Players know deep-down that they’re waiting for an “Opening Day” that may never come — at least not this season.

It’s odd to think that were this a normal year, our clients would be well…


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